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BlueEDM version 1.7 available

BlueEDM version 1.7 has been released beginning of the week. Actually this is just a minor, mainly bug-fixing update. First of all, the progress indicator, displaying the progress when uploading EDM files, was not properly updating after one of the recent versions. This has been corrected. Secondly, the JSON output for 4-cylinders has been enhanced in that it will only output the 4 CHT and EGT values for those 4 cylinders. Previously this showed the values for 6 cylinders always, where for 4-cylinder engines the last 2 values were fixed at 240.

Last but not least, there are files where a flight is present in the header of an EDM file, however there is no corresponding data present in the (binary) content section. Such situations were not handled properly in the past. The app crashed for example when trying to do the JSON export for such files as a whole. With the new version such flights are simply ignored (i.e. they are not even displayed in the flight overview section).

From my point of view, the app is complete now. So don’t expect any further changes coming soon. Of course I will continue bug fixing and if you find anything you would like to add to BlueEDM, drop me note at