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Downloading Engine Monitoring Data from an EDM700

Flight track visualization (Demo | GitHub)
Visualize your flight using Google Maps by just entering a GPX track of your flight. Features include easy zooming in and out and a altitude and speed profile of your flight. Additionally you may check your flight for closed steep turns. For each detected turn, some information about the turn (avarage bank angle, maximum altitude variation, …) can be displayed.

Flight Log Records from GPX track (Demo | GitHub)
Create flight log entries from a GPX flight track as exported by e.g. SkyDemon. The log entries can be exported to an Excel file either in EU-FCL.050 compliant format or in a format suitable for aircraft log books. It automatically detects night flights and adjusts operational times and landings accordingly. You can edit entries to adjust times or departure and destination airports. Additionally some statistics about a flight are displayed.

Important: the demo is not multi-user enabled. When you create your log entries, they may be visible to others, until they are deleted (which happens automatically after an hour but can also be done manually). The GPX file is stored on the server as long as the log entry exists. Once you delete a flight log entry the corresponding GPX file is also deleted from the server.
All log entries will be auto-deleted after not being modified for one hour

Calculating Available Fuel and Endurance from Dipstick Readings (Demo|GitHub)

Displaying multiple GPX track records on a single map (Demo|GitHub)