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BlueEDM version 1.4 available

EDM File Content

BlueEDM, the app that lets you download engine monitoring data via Bluetooth directly to your smartphone, is now available with version 1.4 in the AppStore.

The file display has been completely redesigned according to general iOS style guides. But most importantly you can view some basic information for each flight contained in a downloaded file. The information available (so far) is:

  • duration and fuel used
  • peak values for CHT, EGT, DIFF temperature, and OIL temperature
  • warnings for: CHT exceeding preconfigured alarm threshold, OIL below preconfigured low alarm threshold
example engine data display
EDM File Content
Example EDM File Content

Still, you need an RS232-Bluetooth adapter as described in Bluetooth Low Energy Adapters for downloading engine data from an EDM engine monitor

Download from the AppStore: